Rules. Read Before Playing.


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    Rules. Read Before Playing. Empty Rules. Read Before Playing.

    Post by Rachel on Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:56 am

    Follow them, it's not hard.


    • Do not spam via smega or normal chat.
    • Do not hack or cheat.
    • Do not pester other players.
    • Do not swear over smegas.
    • Do not advertise other products, servers or programs in any way.
    • Do not impersonate GM's/Admins or higher authority.

    On the Forum:

    • Make sure you are posting your thread in the correct section of the forum. Any threads under incorrect sections will be moved or deleted.
    • Do not double post. Use the edit function if you wish to add something to your previous post.
    • Read important threads. (notices, stickies, formats)
    • Do not post in threads, if the issue in the thread has already been addressed.
    • Pointless comments will be deleted.
    • No insulting or rude comments.
    • Do not advertise other products, servers or programs in any way.


    • If you spam, pester other players or swear over smega, you will be warned by a GM. If you continue to disobey the GM after 2 warnings, you will be jailed. If you then continue after that you will be banned.
    • Hacking and cheating will result in an automatic ban.
    • Useless posts and threads on the forums will be deleted.
    • If you are causing controversy on the forums, you will be banned from the forums.
    • If you are caught advertising, it will result in an immediate ban.
    • If you are caught impersonating higher authority, we will take any measures we deem fit.

    N O T E:

    • If you are scammed during a trade, GMs cannot get your lost items back. This is not a GMs job, nor is it their problem. If you choose to trade valuables while a GM is not present, do not complain to GMs about getting scammed.
    • GMs are also not responsible for lost items due to players forgetting to use the @save command. Do not pester GMs about your lost items.
    • Also note that for unban appeals, the old "My Brother/Friend/Sister/Mother/Father/God(lol)" Hacked on my computer/account no longer works.
      If you were IP banned because someone on your network was hacking, it will not be compensated or considered.
      You are responsible for everything coming from your network to our server.


    The Basic Rules For Chatango.
    Do not advertise other servers, programs or products.
    Do not cuss over the chat box.
    Avoid insulting other users.
    Do not insult AbyssMS in any way.
    Do not spread inept information or give away your own, or other's personal information.
    Respect the moderators on the chat box.

    Failing to accommodate these rules will result in a ban. The ban time will depend on the severity of your violations.

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    Rules. Read Before Playing. Empty Re: Rules. Read Before Playing.

    Post by SirDanielot on Sat Oct 31, 2009 3:12 pm

    I like these rules, thanks Rachel.

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