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    Post by SirDanielot on Sat Nov 21, 2009 8:09 pm

    This area is for you to advertise us on other sites to gain more players/votes and donations. This will get us away from those vote sites and get us to the real deal.

    AbyssMS IGN:
    Server/Site you voted on:
    Link to that post:
    Username/IGN of server/site:
    A picture proving you have advertised.


    AbyssMS IGN: SirDanielot
    Server/Site you voted on: Ragezone
    Link to that post: Advertising
    Username/IGN of server/site: SirDanielot
    A picture proving you have advertised. *Dont need one its a site*


    - No adding us to voting sites, doing so will get us banned, and i will ban you from the server.
    - No making fake statements like "Join us and get free GM/RareNX"
    - Not my fault if you get banned from sites/server.
    - Items may not always be handed out, you can just enjoy more players.

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