Forum Bug?


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    Forum Bug? Empty Forum Bug?

    Post by iHeall on Mon Nov 02, 2009 3:55 pm

    Okay well, I've got a few screenshots. Don't know whether it is actually one. This is for Yumi's sake btw >.>

    Forum Bug? Picture11ce Forum Bug? W1280


    Forum Bug? Picture12s Forum Bug? W1280

    The thread: Donation Items shows it is a sticky, but not locked. If you then go into it, it's locked...

    Not sure if it's meant to happen. Maybe there should be a locked sticky, and a normal sticky?
    Infraction Banned
    Infraction Banned

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    Forum Bug? Empty Re: Forum Bug?

    Post by Aka on Mon Nov 02, 2009 10:42 pm

    Technically, no.
    All threads have TWO status' shown at all times, even if there are more.
    The two status are,

    New Post/ No New Post (shown by the cross)
    Locked/Popular (the circling effect)

    Sticky should be read through the first words saying "Sticky"

    There isn't anything wrong currently.
    If there is a compromise later on, I will fix it.



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